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So extreme is it that he fights crime with the logo emblazoned everywhere making references to football. Hector Rendoza, the X-Men's Wraith, can temporarily hide embarrassing tattoos.One of these Wraiths is not (cool) like the others.JubileeX-Men animated series via WikipediaPower: Fireworks. No, that was getting his insectoid girlfriend pregnant. Having said that, in any high school, there's always that one smug, self-satisfied smart kid who likes rubbing their big brain in the other kids' faces. A flame retardant suit doesnt quite cut the mustard. It's as appalling as it looks, and thus would have the potentially useful effect of making your enemies violently wretch as they see you use your power. Hes one of those characters that Marvel will facepalm about for years to come. They called him "Beak" because, of all the words that flash to mind when you see him, it's the only one that's not audible retching.Even the X-Men stuck him in a "Special Class" -- and "Special" means exactly the same in Mutant as it does in public school. If necessary, we'll pretend to have an upset stomach or a food allergy to get out of it. The researchers were shocked when over 18,000 did in the course of just a few months, and most of them fell under the selective eating diagnosis.


The most amazing feat she's ever managed was not turning up in any horrible Rule 34 pictures while gathering images for this article, but unfortunately this is now Schrodinger's Porn: The act of publicly observing that there are no guarantees someone will create some.Luke McKinney also tumbles, hates plankers, and has a website. X Sign Up for the Cracked Newsletter Sign Me Up Daily Updates Weekly Updates Will be used in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Rights. His power was being able to shoot teeny sonic vibes from his hands. Which is why, for every Cyclops whining about how he can literally kill things as soon as he looks at them, there are eight genetic disasters sitting around Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters putting quotation marks around the word "gifted." AdvertisementCypher leaps into action.Power: Omnilingualism Imagine charging into a fight against people with powers such as unkillability, lightning bolts and earthquakes, and you've got ancient Greek. Hasbro Bay is hoping to get Uwe Boll for the remake. XD wth is thisEven if he wins.does he really win?LOL.


Naturally, this imbues him with Aquamans powers for 24 hours and insanity ensues. Wait. This means that flavors are much more powerful to them, and might explain why selective eaters prefer bland food. Like Alex Mack only ice-cream. Imagine Inspector Gadget, but far, far stupider. Related Flashbaks 6 11348 Women Being Spanked In Vintage Comic Books Spanking in comics is actually a rather fascinating phenomena. He became increasingly feral as time went on just for something to do, despite that being the exact opposite of what happens when you hang around with people all the time.


Having read so many issues, I often come across hero names that are profoundly stupid, or at least too goofy to be believed. For realz. 0 8769 Irish McCalla Was Sheena 'The Catalyst For Impure Thoughts' Irish McCalla (born Nellie McCalla; December 25, 1928 February 1, 2002) was the statuesque and buxom star of. So, hes not the brightest, huh? Nah, not at all in fact. the X-Men#1 (1983) Created byAlan Kupperburg Guess what this guy can do. And the poor, unfortunate scientist Victoria Murdock made a suit out of it. 26. There. 14,582 Views Dear Star Wars: Please Let Carrie Fisher Rest in Peace 350,100 Views 6 Disturbing Questions About Sex In The Disney Universe 1,465 Views 6 Badass Unsung Heroes From History's Darkest Hours 3,658 Views The Single Most Unexpectedly Creepy Kids Movie Of All Time 26 Views How To Make Money, Doing Stuff For Cracked: A No-BS Guide Articles Movies & TV 9 Superhero Powers That Would Be More Trouble Than They're Worth 9 Superhero Powers That Would Be More Trouble Than They're Worth Facebook Twitter Google Plus Stumble Upon Reddit Pinterest By mike-sterlingcontributor June 30, 2007 1,438,764 views 19 0 0 0 0 272 Viral on Cracked 01 1,848,434 Views 20 Famous People You Didnt Notice Died In 2016 (Part 1) By Justin Crockett 248 02 1,557,436 Views The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (12/20/16) By T. Nobody's sure how many of us are out there right now, since the diagnosis is so new.

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